The Strolln Shoe

A Pair of Strolln Shoes (Right & Left)

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This is for the order of a PAIR of Strolln Shoes. This includes both a right and a left shoe. Please select your size based on the details below...

The Strolln Shoe comes in three sizes.

The Large Shoe is for Women is sizes 10 to 12 or for Men is sizes 11 to 14

The Medium shoe for Women is sizes 8 to 9 or for Men is sizes 7 to 10.

The Small Shoe for Women is sizes 4 to 7 for Men is size 6 only.

The retractable rollers on the base of the shoe allow for a fluid gait. The internal springs are calibrated to help lift the foot. The smooth toe and non-retractable rollers help with easier toe clearance. 

Strolln Shoe helps with:
Drop foot, Neurological Disorders, Parkinson’s, Stroke Patients, Brain Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetic Conditions. The shoe is designed to help patients with their gait pattern allowing them to be mobile.

Rollers retract to help shift the weight of the foot creating stability which helps translate the foot forward.
The Strolln Shoe enables smooth motion without slipping. This allows the patient to slide forward and circumduct their foot forward in any direction.