• The Newest Foot Drop Device

The Newest Foot Drop Device

Designed for Those With Foot Drop


Whether you are someone who currently has Foot Drop or you're a professional who works with patients with Foot Drop...the Strolln Shoe offers a unique design unlike any other on the market today.

The shoe was designed out of a need to provide those with Foot Drop a more natural way to walk at home or while being treated under a Physical Therapist's care. The Strolln Shoe is available in a single shoe or a pair dependent upon the wearer's individual needs.

Easy Donning & Doffing

What Makes the Strolln Shoe Different?

✔️ Retractable Rollers for Fluid Gait

✔️ Easier Toe Clearance

✔️ Normalizes Gait Pattern

✔️ Keeps Its Wearers Mobile

✔️ Immediate Usage

Who Is The Strolln Shoe For?


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Mimics the Natural Gait Pattern

With 4 retractable rollers on the bottom of the shoe and 2 non-retractable rollers near the toe, the Strolln Shoe is great for those in a therapeutic setting (ex: Physical Therapy) or at home. It also works for those who may never get their dorsiflexion movement back.

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How the Strolln Shoe Works

For Indoor Use & Therapeutic Settings

Wear the Strolln Shoe indoors at your home or in a therapeutic setting such as a Physical Therapist's office

How to Return Your Shoe(s)

Please email info@strolln.com if you would like to return your shoe within 30 days of the purchase date for whatever reason. We will email you a return prepaid postage that you will then print out - at no cost to you. You can then drop the package off at any UPS store.

Choose From 3 Sizes

The Strolln Shoe comes in 3 different sizes. The Small (Women's 4-7 & Men's 6). The Medium (Women's 8-9 & Men's 7-10). The Large (Women's 10-12 & Men's 11-14)

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Email: info@strolln.com

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